Wetradsafe is a financial broker registered in the UK with Company Number: 12217981. Here you can open trading accounts, download trading platforms, deposit and withdraw funds, sign up for webinars and much more.

At Wetradesafe, we take a lot of measures to ensure the security of our platform is intact whilst making sure our investors get the best experience possible.

To open an account click here. The account allows you to trade by providing you with access to investment Platforms, and unlimited opportunities.

The foreign exchange market, also referred to as forex or FX, is the global currency trading market. It is the largest, most liquid financial market in the world. When trading forex, currencies are traded are traded in pairs. For example, the Australian dollar and the U.S. dollar (AUD/USD) or the euro and the Japanese yen (EUR/JPY).

You can easily do this yourself by logging into your account and navigate to the user profile section, there you can change your name and save.

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